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Friday, September 11, 2015

Crazy Cows

Growing up my mother always told me, "when you see crazy coming, cross the street".  Unfortunately, she never told me what to do when you see a herd of cows  coming. 

 This  morning  I decided to start exercising, full disclosure I have only gone for a walk once since I moved to a peri-urban village in May (don't judge me).  Anyway, while  on my short but sweet walk I found myself  on a collision course with a small herd of cows, which looks pretty crazy for a girl raised in Tacoma Washington.  The "craziness" of my current situation reminded me of my mother's saying, and  I decided to cross the street, but it also began some musings on how to handle what look's like crazy in my daily life. 

 At the surface it seems like the saying promotes avoidance,  which may not be a good thing, but I think the real point is that there are somethings that it may not be worth your energy to engage with, sometimes the energy used to cross the street is the best investment you can make.   Other similar lessons from my mother, never argue with a drunk person.  Like a good girl I've always followed that advice, so I've never experienced the futility f trying to argue with a drunk person directly.  But I've seen people try it and I have to say, as usual my mom is right.